Aww, just look how cute little Drogon was! Come this season, Dany’s precious babies won’t be able to catch a ride on mom’s shoulder anymore, or be so easily carried around in baskets. Get ready to see these dragons grow. Continuing their Game of Thrones countdown, EW talked to showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss about the growing pains of dragons and direwolves.

Benioff: This is an interesting time for the dragons. When they were born they were adorable. Last season, as you say, they were still kind of cute. But now they’re turning into proper flying dragons. One of the interesting things about the books, and hopefully the show, is that the weapons of mass destruction in this world are living breathing things. And as they get older that presents problems.

Weiss: They’re still cute to Daenerys. They’re her babies. But her babies can burn down a house in a few minutes and they’re getting increasingly terrifying to everyone around her. At some point she will have to reckon with the fact her babies are all grown up.

We saw a glimpse of Drogon flying around a ship in the trailer, that’s the size of dragons we’re dealing with this year. And they’ll feature more prominently, too. The dragon shadow emblazoned on Season 3’s poster was no accident. The wolves though, they’ve grown, too, but less drastically. In Season 2 the direwolves were actually real wolves enhanced and enlarged by CGI. In Season 3 it’ll be the same process.

Weiss: We did some testing and at a certain point they look unreal. We reached a nice balance with them. And frankly, no matter how much money you spend on CG wolves — and we’ve seen the best that’s out there, state of the art, and some of it looks great — it still doesn’t look move and feel like a real animal.

Benioff: With dragons, you get some leeway. You can’t say, ‘Well, that doesn’t look like a real dragon.’

Weiss: With a wolf, you have a million years of evolution telling you what they’re supposed to act like.

I thought last year’s direwolves looked excellent, much better than what they’d have been able to achieve with full CGI. What did you think? And are you excited for dragons? Dumb question, of course you are!

Game of Thrones returns on March 31st. That’s only 17 days away!!

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