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Many of us may know the name of Alex Garland as the brains behind the pen that crafted scripts for movies like 28 Days Later and the latest Dredd reboot.  Now it looks like the writer will become a director, taking on a sci-fi thriller project by the title of Ex Machina.

Garland’s first foray into the world of directing will be made easier by the fact that he also happens to be the writer of Ex Machina.  The plot of the flick is supposed to follow the story of an employee of a billionaire inventor as he’s used as a guinea pig, being locked away in his home with a female AI of the inventor’s design.

Given what Garland has written for audiences previously, we might have something worth watching here, as long as his directorial skills don’t blow, of course.  Currently, they’re looking to start up as early as this summer and aiming for a release in 2014.


Thanks to ComingSoon for the heads-up.

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