Yesterday we shared the new, exhilarating trailer for Doctor Who Series 7, Part 2, Season 7B. Or, DW7.2/7B as we’re affectionately referring to it around the Nerd Bastards’ offices. Anyway, today we’ve scrounged up two clips from the season premiere, “The Bells of St. John,” written by Steven “The Moff” Moffat and airing on BBC America 8pm EST, March 3oth. But first, Matt Smith has been teasing the living hell out of the upcoming 3D 50th anniversary special, all without revealing anything of note! I see The Moff has taught him well.

Speaking with the Birmingham Mail, Smith teased,

It sort of does what it says on the tin. You won’t be disappointed! I think it’s hilarious, I think it’s epic and I think it’s fast, and I’m telling you nothing more – but you will NOT be disappointed. I think it’s going to be the biggest, best, most inventive and most exciting year for the show and I think this script delivers on all those points that you want it to for where the show is at this time, it’s brilliant.

Adding to the mystery, new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman said,

It pays homage to the last 50 years of the show and kind of really celebrates that, but at the same time as looking forward.

And directly from Moffat,

We’re not kidding, we are actually going to do it, we’re going to reveal his biggest secret.

That’s the answer to the ultimate question, right? Doctor Who? I can’t imagine what they could dream up as an answer that wouldn’t disappoint fans at least a little? No pressure guys, but it’s a pretty big question.

Hit the jump for another clip from “The Bells of St. John,”

Doctor Who returns March 30th!

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