Peter Dinklage was on the red carpet at the season three premiere of HBO‘s runaway hit Game of Thrones. Amidst all the questions about what fans could expect from his character Tyrion someone had to ask about Dinklage’s role in Bryan Singer‘s upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Luckily for us MTV Geek stepped up to the plate to see if Dinklage might let something slip about his role. Take a look and meet me on the other side to discuss.

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What do you think? It is interesting that his response was, “Where did you hear that?” and not ‘Who is Trask?” He says he hasn’t read the script, but I wonder a bit about that. Dinklage is not one to take on a role without knowing the ins and outs of the character, he’s been very selective about the roles he’s taken in the past and I don’t see that changing in this particular case.

Of course he probably can’t talk about it yet. That’s all part of the Hollywood game these days. There’s less than a week to go to the premiere of season three of Game of Thrones and I can’t wait to see how Dinklage handles all the crap that is going to come down right on top of Tyrion this season.

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