Back when I was a young, fresh-faced probie Bastard, I reported on Amazon Studios’ plans to produce a Zombieland TV series – a follow-up to Ruben Fleischer’s remarkably successful horror-comedy. Now that I’m a grizzled, jaded 3-month veteran Bastard, I get to update my story with cast info, and a word from the writers about Amazon‘s plans for the show.

Above is one of the first pics of the assembled cast – primarily consisting of newcomers: (left to right) Izabel Vidovic (Little Rock), Kirk Ward (Tallahassee – more to come on him), Maiara Walsh (Wichita), and Tyler Ross (Columbus).

Zombieland the series features the same writing team as the film: Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese (whom you may have just read about here on NerdBastards today regarding the planned Deadpool flick). The pilot is being directed by Eli Craig (Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil). It will begin streaming on Amazon on a yet-to-be determined, yet not-long-off date.

Here’s what Reese had to say about what fans can do to keep the show going on Amazon if they like it:

Amazon is doing something unprecedented  They’re taking all their pilots and they’re airing them all simultaneously on the same day. They’re going to use the next month or so as a litmus test to decide which ones to move forward on and they’re gonna know exactly how many people stream each one. It really is a chance for the fans to come out and support Zombieland, check it out and if they like it, vote with their computer mouse.

Best of luck, Zombieland!


Actor/stand-up comedian Kirk Ward snagged the all-important lead role of Tallahassee. Ward is somewhat less of an unknown than his castmates, having appeared in small roles in films like The Island, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, Forrest Gump, and Lords Of Dogtown. He’s also received accolades for his one-man show: 3 Stories Tall, which he has performed across the U.S.

Hopefully, Ward‘s comedic experience will help him fill Woody Harrelson’s shoes. Indeed, the quality of their new Tallahassee could well make or break this series.


And finally, here’s a few pics from the set of Zombieland courtesy of Screencrush. Just in case fans of the film might be questioning if the series will maintain the level of gore they’ve come to expect from the brand.

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