In a tweet sent out last night, John Barrowman confirmed he would not be involved with Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special. It’s a huge bummer to Captain Jack Harkness fans everywhere, and I’m sure, most of all to Barrowman. Having not only been in Doctor Who but also his own spin off series, Torchwood, Barrowman is himself a big Whovian. At last year’s Dragon*Con he told us, that as a fan, he’d be “exceptionally disappointed” and “gutted” if he wasn’t involved, but he stressed that as an actor he’d understand if they didn’t ask him back. Looks like that’s how it’ll go, no Captain Jack in the 50th,

I expect this only to be the beginning of official statements on whether or not certain actors will be returning for the anniversary special. I’m looking at you Christopher Eccelston and David Tennant. ‘Course, if either of them were to return it’d be a surprise, right? So, even if they “officially” deny a return they could still show up. Agh! I can’t handle this web of mystery and lies The Moff weaves!

Filming for Doctor Who‘s anniversary special is rumored to begin April 22nd, meaning if they’re in they’d have been told by now. Who do you think we’ll see make a surprise appearance? Any past Doctors or companions? How much does it suck not to have Captain Jack back? Or, wait, could this tweet be more misdirection!?

Doctor Who returns for the second half of Season 7 this Saturday!

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