Sooner rather than later the HBO series will begin work on Season 7, which is where I’m guessing we’ll see the events from A Song of Ice and Fire‘s sixth book, The Winds of Winter, begin to transpire. And while such a season may seem a ways off – Season 3 of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday at 9pm EST – that date is ever encroaching on author George R.R. Martin. It’s as if he can see David Benioff and Dan Weiss in the rear view mirror and he’s still stuck first gear trying to finish book six. At least GRRM’s aware of the problem, recently telling Mashable,

So I need to write faster. The last two books took a really long time, so I’m hoping this one [the Winds of Winter] will go a little faster. But I make no promises. I found out long ago that when you look at the overall task, the cathedral you have to build, it looks so daunting that you just give up and sit down and play a video game.

George, no video games! No more side projects! I want you working on nothing else but ASOIAF until The Winds of Winter is published and in my hands. Even then it’s only a short break before you need to bust out A Dream of Spring. And don’t even begin thinking about needing to split the seventh book into the seventh and the eighth. Just how much time do you think you have?!? The fans need an ending, HBO needs an ending.

And speaking of HBO, they’ve release yet another on set video for Season 3 of Game of Thrones, this one exploring “the wildlings,”

Hey, George. I saw you in this video. What are you doing recording commentary about the new characters and places we’ll be visiting in Season 3? Get back to your computer! Back to work on that draft!

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