‘Lost Girl’ Recap – Bo & Kenzi Go to Camp*

Lost Girl - Season 3

*Of course, the real headline for this week’s episode should be, “Holy Crap! Is that really Linda Hamilton in an episode of Lost Girl?” But I digress. Before peeling back the layers of this week’s episode, let’s first look back at the events of last week’s ultra-metaphorical “The Ceremony.”

Last week, Bo entered The Dawning, but she don’t go in alone. Before beginning she had to choose a weapon to take with her, but choosing a weapon meant having to choose a side – Light or Dark – and Bo wasn’t about to do that. Instead, Dyson volunteered to be her hand. Most people looked concerned, and Bo didn’t like the idea of Dyson shoe-horning himself into her big night, but Lauren convinced Bo that with Dyson in tow she stood a better chance of coming home. So with werewolf in tow, Bo entered the temple.

Initially, the setting for the Dawning ceremony looked suspiciously like the Dal – even Bo remarked on The Dawning’s seeming thriftiness on choice of locales – but instead of the usual Celtic music, the song selection playing on the faux-Dal’s sound system was Dion’s “The Wanderer,” another not-so-subtle hint that there’s another Bo-centric prophecy in the ether. But this wasn’t the time to go into that. A man named The Caretaker appears and tells Bo and Dyson that they must find the key, and accept it in the form it’s offered, which is the only way Bo can complete The Dawning ritual and leave the temple.

Bo and Dyson’s journey through The Dawning takes them to facsimiles of Bo’s house and Dyson’s boxing gym, where the two of them encounter a monster with a key. Bo beats down the monster, gets the key and vanishes before Dyson’s able to react. Now this is where we enter “Restless” territory. We see Bo and Lauren as uniformed cops, partners, at the local precinct. Trick is Bo’s boss, compelling her to break a confidential informant named “McKenzie” (AKA: Kenzi) to testify against “the family.”

At home, Officer Bo is married to Doctor Dyson, and her neighbor is the happy and cheerful Tamsin, who enjoys pruning bushes and baking cookies, but the animosity between Bo and Tamsin remains the same (Bo secretly refers to her as “Bitchy Crocker.”) We can see that Bo and Dyson are having some kind of issues, but all that’s laid aside when Bo reveals she’s pregnant. But the fantasy does not last, and it’s revealed that Dyson’s the key, and that he must die in order for Bo to escape, because while two can enter the temple, only one can leave.

Bo eventually is able to stab Dyson, but refusing to play by the rules, she realizes her true self and is able to leave the temple taking Dyson’s body with her. Back in the real world, Bo is able to take the chi from Trick, Lauren, Kenzi and Stella in order to revive Dyson. Bo now owns her power as a full-fledged succubus. She has passed The Dawning. But somewhere between all the domestic drama, Bo got a vision of herself as a baby. A man (her father) leaves her in the care of a nanny, who is slain by Aife who then takes the baby Bo. Was Bo seeing her actual origins, or a vision of what she imagined to be true?

In other news, Stella departs for Scotland to help another Fae prepare for their Dawning. She invites Trick to go with her, but Trick is the ever dutiful grandfather and needs to stay for Bo. But while Trick may miss Stella, Kenzi certainly won’t. Stella whispered to her the fate of humans “claimed” by Fae and lose their claimant, and it did not look like a fun fate. To assuage her fears, Trick tells Kenzi that if anything happens to Bo then he will claim her. It was a very sweet moment.

But now that The Dawning has passed, what new dangers await for the Happy Sunshine Gang? Let’s go into the precap of tonight’s entry, “Delinquents.”

1) So Yeah, Linda Hamilton? – The star of The Terminator and Beauty and the Beast plays Acacia, a Fae bounty hunter/assassin who has a past with Tamsin. In fact, Acacia was Tamsin’s mentor in the, ahem, head hunting business, and she comes to her old pupil with a dilemma. Some mysterious “he” who is never named wants our favorite succubus collected, and Tamsin, who is in “his” debt, needs to make good.

2) Speaking of Bo… – She seems fully recovered from her experience during The Dawning. Filled with new confidence, positivity and comfort with her place in the universe, Bo is ready to meet new challenges and new missions. Naturally, this is not meant to last…

3) Case of the Week – Several teen delinquents are being killed at random by a Fae at their reformation camp. Dyson recruits Bo and Kenzi to go undercover to help him investigate with Bo posing as a camp councilor and Kenzi posing as the latest teen criminal trying to go straight. But what kind of Fae uses more than one method to kill, and leaves the scent of slightly singed hair at the scene?

4) Strained Relations – While Bo’s in the post-Dawning glow, Lauren’s feeling a little left behind. Obviously, there’s been a disconnect for a couple of episodes now, and although Bo does want to get away Lauren (travelling is part of Bo’s post-Dawning plans), Fae business keeps getting in the way. And then there’s that small matter of a kiss with another hot blonde two weeks ago…

5) Favorite Fae Trivia – Bo, as it turns out, was voted favorite councilor three years in a row at Camp Chipowa. and Tamsin sided with the Americans during the War of 1812. (Incidentally, her mentor Acacia worked with the Canadians.)

6) Wander No More? – No overt clues this week as to why Bo is “The Wanderer” or why that has Tamsin and other Dark Fae so sketchy at the mention, but Acacia does identify Bo as The Wanderer, knows that Tamsin knows, and admits that the “he” they’ve both worked for wants The Wanderer, and not necessarily Bo by name.

7) Klassic Kenzi – Bo’s spunky sidekick is fine form this week, going undercover as a teen (again) and with a group of like-minded hoodlums. As for K-bombs, it has to be a tie between, “What is this camp and why does Freddy Krueger work there?” and “What are you going to do, pipe self-actualization through the intercom until they fall for a group hug?

8) Burning Questions – “The Dawning, intense huh?” “You’re going to cook?” “Are you $#!%ing me?!” “Who here knows how to make pipe bombs?” “Was it hard dating me?”

9) How Does it End? – “Would you like some wine? Tamsin?”


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