The end is almost upon us, the second half of this season’s Doctor Who is almost here! We’re four days out from the second half of Season 7, having last seen the Eleventh Doctor off to find the connection between the Clara Oswin Oswalds, traveling across time in search of another Clara. So until Saturday rolls around we thought it would be nice to share some of our favourite Doctor Who fan art from around the internet. You can thank us once Saturday finally gets here.

Above: Minimalist art is cool, but minimalist Doctor Who poster art by Michael Parsons is always cool. Carefully picking what to do Michael puts together sweet fan-made posters for everyone to enjoy. Check out his Society6 shop.

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You know your cool when you’re able to draw awesomely big splash pages like this, now calling yourself ElectroCereal is just showing off . One of three drawings, one for each new Doctor, ElectroCereal can make a fan out of anyone. [Geek Tyrant]


Honestly, we couldn’t resist having this included in the mix, John and the Doctor watching as Sherlock argues with a Dalek. Two forces so annoying that neither one of them will yield in their argument that their series is the superior British program. I deduce that someone in getting hit with a plunger before the night is through. [oooyooo]


What time is it? Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Time! If you know who made this please let us know, we couldn’t find their name no matter how hard we looked. Our bad.


We know a lot of people that would pay out the TARDIS for this awesome Muppet Doctor Who by Amy Mebberson, but there’s a kicker. Only one person in the world owns the original piece, we just get to look at how cool Kermit looks as Matt Smith in his Doctor’s costume. *Sigh* [Geek Tyrant]


“I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am right now.” Originally drawn by Holly Oakhill and redrawn by Christina Brehove this piece shows off one of the Doctor’s lesser known pastimes- leapfrogging over Daleks. With a vertical leap like that you’d think the Doctor would be trying out for the NBA, but no. Instead jumping mechanical death machines appears to be more fun. [Astralphiliac]


Bigger on the inside, my ass. Once you bring in each Doctor, their companions and the companion’s companion, that police box really starts to lose its space. And look! A little Jack Harkness floating around being all sexy! [Lane Billy 97]


Yeah, we’re pretty sure it’s exactly like that – just with more time travel and things trying to kill you each week. Aimee Major, author and artist of Japan Ai: A Tall Girl’s Adventures in Japan, just nailed an entire season of Doctor Who in one sentence for the newer male viewers of the BBC. [Aimee Major]


You’ve probably seen the art style of Kevin Wada before, having done several fashionable redesigns for members of the X-men comic books, but he does a lot of sweet work for Doctor Who. Just look at the genuine joy the Doctor as on his face and Clara Oswald’s look of “maybe we should go back inside?”. [Deviant Art]


Finally, what a better way to end a fan appreciation post then showing off the work of Jeremy Treece and his drawing of all eleven doctors. From William Hartnell the first, original incarnation of the Doctor right up to the current Eleventh model known to us as Matt Smith. [Deviant Art]

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