As if you haven’t been following along, Doctor Who returns this weekend for the second half of its seventh season. (Psst, we threw together a collection of Doctor Who fan art in celebration. Fan art is cool.) With the season premiere practically upon us we’ve been inundated with Who news, like this new poster for “The Bells of Saint John,” above. Click it to check out the full version. In addition to the poster, the Beeb’s released an additional clip in where The Doctor (Matt Smith) makes a wardrobe change,

Of course he keeps his bow tie in a special box. Oh Doctor. Anyway, were you a little confused to see Sontaran Strax (Dan Starkey) reappear with Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh) and Jenny (Catrin Stewart) in last year’s Christmas special, “The Snowmen”? Yeah, me too, he died valiantly in battle – like any Sontaran would want – on Demons Run in “A Good Man Goes to War.” So, how’d he turn up in 19th century England? Hit the jump to find out!

Released today is this short, 3-minute episode called “The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later,” and it serves as bridge between those events and what we saw in “The Snowmen.” Currently available to download for free on Amazon and iTunes, its description reads thus, “In the aftermath of the battle of Demons Run, a battle-scarred Strax lies dying on the floor — or has he just fainted…” Watch it below!

Can we get a Vastra, Jenny, and Strax spinoff now, please!?!? The little we’ve seen of them as players in the greater adventures of The Doctor are simply not enough!

One of the most anticipated episodes for the season has to be Neil Gaiman‘s with The Cybermen. And guess what? It’s got a new title. Not longer dubbed “The Last Cybermen,” the 12th episode, it’ll be the seventh to air, is now titled, “Nightmare in Silver.” Which is, I guess, cool sounding. I don’t know, I really liked the sound of “The Last Cybermen.” What d’ya think?

Lastly, you remember the announcement of the Doctor Who stamps celebrating the 50th anniversary? They’re now available at your local post office! Assuming your local post office is in the U.K. Some of The Doctors were even on hand,



Who in the U.K. wants to send my some mail? I’d love to have even just one of these awesome stamps!

Doctor Who airs this Saturday on BBC America at 8pm EST.

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