Today in Iron Man 3 news, the word seems to be going around that director Shane Black MAY have had Sir Ben Kingsley tone down the histrionic supervillain menace in the latest TV advert for the hotly anticipated Marvel sequel. It started when Movieline noted that there seems to be a definite change in the delivery of the line: “You’ll never see me coming” between the most recent theatrical trailer, and the just released television spot. The former seemed more dynamic and theatrical, while the latter was less affected and more straightforward….according to some fans, anyway.

So….will the real Mandarin please stand up?

Now that that’s out of my system, let’s give a listen to the lines in question – starting with the appropriately “theatric” theatrical trailer version, about 47 seconds in:

And here’s the same line as delivered in the TV spot, at 18 seconds:

Naturally, there’s all manner of possible explanations for this slight discrepancy: The line could be delivered more than once during the film, and these snippets were taken from different scenes, for instance. Personally, it sounds like exactly the same read to me – with the addition of a little reverb and other audio effects added to the theatrical trailer for “flair”.

If anyone still cares more than a few days from now, they can find out the truth on May 3rd.

If you haven’t sold your soul to Mark Zuckerberg like I have, you might still be unaware of Facebook’s “Unlock The Armors” contest. Already the Silver Centurion and Shotgun suits have been revealed, today FB added the Heartbreaker and Igor armors (below).



There was speculation among fans who saw concept art for what we now know is the Igor armor that it may actually be the cinematic interpretation of the famous “Hulkbuster” suit. While that seems unlikely now, one could argue that if Tony and Bruce HAD to throw down, this armor would probably be the one to wear.

Prepare to be inundated by even more IM3 news as the release date draws nigh.


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