The Amazing Spider-Man

So, uh, spoiler alert? Damn right!

For months we’ve been hearing about who’s in Amazing Spider-Man 2, and who might be playing them, and now, courtesy of Comic Book Movie, we get some cool details hot off the press. So spoilers revealed in…











Still here? You asked for it. Let’s take these one at a time

-Electro played by Jamie Foxx, will not being wearing the character’s traditional yellow and green outfit. Look for Foxx to sport something a little more stylish, like Electro’s Ultimate Spider-Man duds. Also, as if you didn’t know, Electro’s alterego Max Dillon will be gainfully employed as an employee at Oscorp.

-That Venom rumor? Forget about it! That morgue shot released last month wasn’t a Venom reference, but rather the morgue is where Dillon is taken after his “accident,” presumably the same “accident” that turns him into Electro.

-We know Chris Cooper‘s been cast as Norman Osborn, but there won’t be any Green Goblin in the film. What there will be is lots of foreshadowing, and that, at the beginning of the film at least, Norman won’t be cured and is still dying from his mysterious illness.

-And the biggest spoiler of all, sources confirm that Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) will indeed being going to the giant comic book store in the sky by the film’s end, perhaps even sooner than that. In fact, sources are saying that Stone may not have a very big role in the film at all.

So Bastards, are you intrigued yet? Sound off below.

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