You couldn’t swing a battle ax without hitting some Game of Thrones news these days. Hmm, might have something to do with the show’s return this Sunday, or we all secretly –  or not so secretly – wished we lived in a land of direwolves and dragons. Speaking of, have you ever wanted your own direwolf? Duh! Of course you have, who hasn’t!? Your dream might just become reality if you look into the American Alsatian Breeders Association’s Dire Wolf Project. Breed founder Lois Schwarz says the purpose of the project is to bring the look of the now extinct dire wolf – okay, so they’re not exactly the direwolves of Westeros – into a domesticated dog breed. Since no genetic material of the long gone dire wolf exists they’re using American Alsatians because of their shaggy, wolf-like appearance, large size – they can reach 130 lbs! – and calm, friendly demeanor. Go check out Wired’s report – including adorable puppy pictures! – for more info.

And also from Wired, what are the chances The Wall that protects the southern realms from wights and white walkers could actually exist? As it is in the books as well as the television series? Not very likely. Wired spoke with engineer Mary Albert of the Ice Drilling Program Office at Dartmouth College who said,

Even at very cold temperatures, large ice masses deform under their own weight. And over long time scales, ice flows, so it would not hold its original shape for thousands of years.

Hmm, not looking very good for the 700+ ft structure. Assuming it even was possible to construct a wall of ice on this massive scale physicist Martin Truffer of the University of Alaska Fairbanks adds,

You would need a slope of at least 1 to 20 to stop significant deformation. So to keep it 700 feet high, I would estimate that wall to be about 40 times that in width.

There’d be no way anyone could break through that wall! Or, come anywhere near it since it would occupy such a large chunk of the north. Thankfully, in George R.R. Martin‘s world we can just chalk up The Wall’s existence and integrity to magic. Aw yeah, magic.

Hit the jump to read what showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have to say about looking forward to Season 4 – damn! Season 3 hasn’t even aired, yet! – plus Daenerys’ new reality show, and Jon Snow’s rap about the Night’s Watch.

Benioff and Weiss have been making the press rounds talking almost nonstop about Season 3, but what about next season? Sure, it hasn’t yet been officially greenlit by HBO, but let’s be honest? How could they not? In a conference call today with journalists the showrunners discussed Game of Thrones‘ scope and scale. Here’s a few choice quotes from HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall which provide some details,

Benioff on the scope of this season:

“Season 3 is probably the biggest in terms of the number of new characters, number of new stories overall,” Benioff explained. “The universe has expanded as much as it’s going to, and now it’s going to contract… As pieces start to get removed from the chessboard, we’ll have fewer on there. We’re nearly to the midpoint (of the story), and it’ll be interesting to see what’s going forward with the endgame.”

Benioff & Weiss on the epic scale of show:

Weiss called “Blackwater” a “good proof of concept,” in that it showed them just how big the could scale things, but Benioff said it would be difficult to use that more intimate storytelling approach regularly because they have too many stories to follow in only 10 episodes. That said, the ninth episode of season 3 will focus on a smaller group of characters, while they expect in season 4 to do a battle even bigger than in “Blackwater.”

On catching up with the books:

They’re as worried about when the remaining books come out as you are: Actually, “I guess we spend more time worrying than the fans,” Benioff said. The two of them visited Martin at his home in Santa Fe back in February to pump him for information about where all the stories are going, so they can properly set them up in the world of the show, and “It was incredibly useful,” according to Benioff.

Man, wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall for those secret conversations?

Now for some lighter, funnier stuff. Like, did you know Dany is starring in an all new reality series? Yeah, called Where Are My Dragons, look for it on TLC this fall,

Since I currently watch nothing on TLC, I really think they should look into picking this up. And White Walkers & Tiaras? I am so there.

Next, did you know Jon Snow is more than the bastards son of Ned Stark and a member of the Night’s Watch? Yeah, he’s also an accomplished rapper, check out his latest hit,

I hope this keeps you at least a little occupied until Game of Thrones returns this Sunday at 9pm EST on HBO. Only three more days to go!

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