Now that the dust has settled on the background character blood drenched season 3 finale of The Walking Dead we can finally start to look towards season 4, right? Apparently not since an actor from the show has spilled the beans on the ending we didn’t see. Putting aside any judgment about how this season wrapped up (there is a pretty big difference between ‘leaving them wanting more‘ and ‘leaving them expecting more’,) and any missed opportunities the show may more may not have had this season (way to stand around doing nothing but looking constipated for half a season, Tyreese.) Let’s take a quick look at how this season was originally going to end, shall we? Oh, and after that we have a little taste on a new character for season 4.

Yes, this is obviously spoiler territory, so if you haven’t watched Welcome To The Tombs yet don’t read any further… and sort your life out. Seriously.

Apparently Glen Mazzara, the now ousted showrunner for The Walking Dead, has a mildly different vision for the the finale than new and now showrunner Scott Gimple. Actor Dallas Roberts (Milton) gave Entertainment Weekly the scoop on how Mazzara had planned to end the season. (spoiler spoiler, Andrea still dies)

“Originally, the beating scene that started the episode wasn’t there. Originally, I showed up and was led into the room where Andrea was and I took the tools out – the instruments of torture that were laid on the table — and then he shot me in the stomach, completely unexpectedly. And then I was left to bleed out in the same idea basically — you’re going to kill her now. There was a lot more of Milton trying to open the door and him trying to free her from the chains. And then there was a section where he was going to wrap the chain around the neck and try to choke her to death before he turned so she wouldn’t have to deal with Walker Milton, or Biter Milton, as it were.

And then at the end of that, it was just Tyreese and someone else who found her. Rick and Daryl and Michonne weren’t there. So it was essentially the same idea, except you saw me taking chunks out of Laurie Holden in that version. And then they called us back a few months later to reshoot it and made all those changes. So now you’re not sure if I’ve gotten her until after that door opens, and I think that’s probably why they did it.”

Looks like Gimple wanted to add a little hope that Andrea wasn’t dead at the hands of an undead Milton, and props to for adding Michonne and Rick to the final scene to give it a little more kick. I will say this though, the thought of the Governor giving Milton an old fashioned zombie making gut shot at the start seems a little more cold blooded and psychotic. Basically shooting first and talking later seems more like something that sick SOB would do.

Now as for new blood in season four, TV Line has revealed that AMC already has a casting call out for a new character for the show named “Roy Stark”.  A  ‘former army medic who is deeply haunted by his past — pre- and post-zombie apocalypse. As a result, he’s a bit of a loner, although he maintains a charming/self-deprecating/confident public face.

Last name Stark, huh? Guess they thought “Roy Suckit-GameofThrones” was too obvious. Actually, I think the name is just a red herring since the brief character bio sounds close to the comic character Abraham Ford that was added to the book shortly after the end of the prison arc. Maybe I’m right, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe new showrunner Gimple wants to quietly add another character from the comic book to the show that does nothing but stand around looking like he hasn’t taken a decent crap in two weeks.

Damn it Tyreese. Get your act together.


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