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More news about Michael Bay’s abusive relationship with the Transformers franchise – it looks like the newest installment will be doing some shooting in China.  The new flick will be collaboration between Paramount, Bay and Chinese production companies.  This is not a new thing in movies today, as the Chinese market promises some serious cash flow.  Of course, there are some major hoops to jump through if you want to tap that Chinese wallet and it looks like Bay is ready to sit up, roll over and play dead.

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In Bay’s defense, the Chinese market is a tricky one to get into.  Only a certain amount of foreign films are allowed to release there each year so deals have to be made if you want to be on that exclusive list.  This does, naturally, lead to some censorship within the films to be released, as the government over there is pretty strict about what they allow their citizens to see, particularly when it comes to American cinema.  In past films, this has led to script changes, scenes being cut out in Chinese versions and alternate scenes being used whenever anything negative is presented about the country.

With Transformers, it means that Bay will be forced to use Chinese actors and actresses (which kinda makes sense anyway, if you’re shooting there), is limited to certain filming sites, must promote the film in a way that does not offend any government entity and perhaps even has to farm out some of the post-production work to Chinese companies.

In response to his great new deal, Bay had this to say:

I’m proud and honored by how Transformers has been embraced by Chinese audiences. I look forward to working with China Movie Channel and Jiaflix Enterprises to help reach more people here and deepen their passion for this ongoing story and its characters.

Read the subtext: Bay is looking forward to adding another zero at the end of his paycheck and is willing to do anything they ask as long as they let his mess of a movie show on Chinese screens.

Am I being too harsh here, Nerd Readers?  Is it just the way that business needs to be done?  Or is Bay showing his colors even more vividly, proving to the world that the Transformers franchise is little more than a money-machine to him?

Check it out the new Transformers if you dare, on June 27, 2014.


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