What if I told you someone had the power to make all your nerd dreams come true. Apparently AMC wants to, according to Deadline they have order a pilot episode for a new reality TV show that plans to just that. Now before you groan about another slapdash attempt from a network to capitalize on the geek chic trend,  Geek Out (which is currently the working title) actually sounds pretty cool. Hosted by Ernie Cline, the man wrote Ready Player One (a fantastic book) and Fanboys (a painfully underrated movie) and an as of yet unknown co-host (they are still casting, and I am trying to find an old 8×9 of when I was ‘TV friendly’) will travel the country side on a mission of nerd wish fulfillment. Giving ultimate fan boys and girls the once in a lifetime experience of their geeky dreams.

Joel Stillerman, AMC’s EVP of Original Programming, describes the show: “Conceptually, Geek Out is right in AMC’s wheelhouse of appealing to the fanboy community and ultimately creating an indelible moment in one lucky person’s life. Geek Out celebrates a different facet of fanboy and fan-girl culture, as we ‘geek out’ at the kind of epic level that usually only occurs at Comic Con.” 

Just what will that mean on the screen? Who can tell… A walk on role as  a walker on the Walking Dead maybe or perhaps spending a whole day in the house of ideas that is Marvel Comics, a chance to leg wrestle William Shatner..? (I am really just spit balling ideas here.) We’ll all have to wait and see if/when Geek Out hits the small screen, and if it is as cool as it sounds, hopefully we won’t have to wait long.

dibs on leg wrestling Captain Kirk.


Source: Deadline

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