With The Dark Knight saga behind him, all eyes are now on director Christopher Nolan‘s next project, the science fiction film Interstellar. It’s recently been reported that Nolan has been eyeing actor Matthew McConaughey for the lead role in the film, and while he maybe known more for being impossibly handsome than his thespian chops, he has turned in some pretty impressive performances in the likes of Frailty, Reign of Fire and the recently released Killer Joe. So what about it Matt, wanna star in a film directed by Christopher Nolan?

“I’m confirmed,” McConaughey told the StarTribune.

For McConaughey it’s a bold move, and his first big sci-fi role on his filmography since co-starring in Robert Zemeckis’ Contact in 1997 as idealistic preacher Palmer Joss. As for Intersteller, the story is based on an original screenplay by Nolan’s brother and regular contributor Jonathan Nolan. Reportedly, the film deals with time travel and alternate dimensions, while centering on a group of explorers who travel through a wormhole. That’s well worn ground for Nolan who’s played with themes of perception and non-narrative storytelling in Memento, The Prestige and, of course, Inception.

Interstellar is scheduled for a November 7, 2014 release.

More news as it develops.

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