Guillermo del Toro is gearing up for another flick now that Pacific Rim is on its way to theaters, and he’s now diving right into Crimson Peak, which has been described as a “haunted house thriller”.

Del Toro has added Benedict Cumberbatch to his collection of stars for the upcoming film, putting him in the #1 spot as the leading lady dude.  We all know who he is by now, I’m sure.  He’ll be joining Emma Stone and Charlie Hunnam on-screen.

It’s quite the mysterious film, though; there are aren’t many known details about it, other than that the screenplay written by del Toro and Matthew Robins is being re-written with Lucinda Coxon.  Legendary Pictures is producing Crimson Peak, with Universal Pictures hanging out on the sidelines ready to jump in whenever.  Filming is planned to start in February 2014.

Source:, Variety

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