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Above: When your planet is rocking two suns you need some grade ‘A’ marketing to bring in those customers. So here is a Princess Leia Coppertone ad by Casey Weldon. [MissKateQuinn]

Hit the jump for Young Justice, the art of Alex Ross and more.


With comic book companies almost constantly redesigning their characters, morphews decided it was his turn, going for a full redesign of DC‘s Young Justice and it works quite well. Mixing function with a sense of style that fits for a bunch of teenage heroes. Notably missing, Hipster Beast Boy. Not upset about that. [Sarah, This Is]


Here’s the Harry Potter franchise in elementary school. Artist Patrick Ballesteros placed a small handful of characters, inlcuding little Harry Potter, into a setting that many of us would love to have seen and includes many some nice little nods to the series within the drawing. The coolest part is Partick is now taking pre-orders for prints of what he calls “Mischief Managed”over at his online store, get yours while you can. [GeekTyrant]


Can you tell what’s different about this picture? This isn’t the usual Psylocke everyone is used to seeing and Michael Lee Lunsford intended it to be that way, not to upset the girl hungry nerds, but to heroines can still be appealing to the eye even with a more conservative look. And he does’s a fantastic job of it too, from Supergirl right down to Vampirella, who’s usually more noteablly known for her next to nothing look. Michael does some great work here and it really shows. [GeekNative]


HULK CRUSH PUNY SPIDER-MAN! This Spider-Man vs. the Hulk is a bit one-sided, having powers from gamma radiation has a slight advantage over a bite from a radioactive spider in the eyes of Deviant Art artist Memed. [Deviant Art]


By the look of these hardcore Disney fans by seniorgoldenspork they’ve been to this Indiana Jones ride one too many times. Featuring the gals as their favorite villains; Ursula, Captain Hook, Cruella De Vil, and Scar. [GeekTyrant]


If you’re naming something “You’re Lucky! I Would’ve Kicked Your Ass” than you obviously know who the superior ninja is and judging by the broken hand it’s not Naruto. Artist Bryan Lee sure knows how to pick a winner, he must have been a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fan growing up. [XombieDIRGE]


While She-Ra is generally known to use her power only as a last resort this She-ra and Swift Wind by Terry Dodson is about to throw down. [A Godly Servant]


The art of Alex Ross. Stunning detail perfectly blending with light and shadow. His Hawkman and Hawkgirl piece shows off everything right about Ross’ work. It’s no wonder the man won the now defunct Comics Buyer’s Guides CBG Fan Award for Favorite Painter seven years in a row.  [Comics Alliance]


You may have already heard or seen the work of JO3BOT on televison series and characters as folk album covers has been floating around the Internet for a while. Now the artist is branching out into children’s book, like Portal (seen above) and is hopefully the start of many more books we wish were real. [The Mary Sue]

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