Earlier this week Marvel was finally able to release the long delayed Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One box set, containing every “Phase One” Marvel film from Iron Man right up to last year’s highly successful Avengers film. As with most special editions these days, the box set also contains a treasure trove of deleted and alternate scenes many fans have yet to see, unless you’re one of the lucky one’s who are currently in possession of the box set.

Many fans have already seen the behind the scenes footage of Thor: The Dark World which was pulled from the Internet, but this also includes new highlights for Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. There’s Iron Man 2 and it’s alternate ending, featuring Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash kidnapping Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper towards the ending of the film. This ending isn’t quite what you would expect in an Iron Man film.

Forgive the look of the “special effects” though, since Jon Favreau went and had the ending re-shot these clips didn’t quite that polished effects look everyone is used to:

The Avengers, otherwise know as “Joss Whedon is a freaking genius”, ensemble feature is more about deleted scenes cut for time that didn’t really affect the overall aesthetic of the film. Joss shot a lot of coverage for this film, most notably the now famous Shawarma scene added just prior to the theatrical release. The scene was a surprise hit with everyone who stayed through the credits and has taken on a life of it’s own on the Internet. Take a look at the behind the scenes featurette and the deleted scenes after the jump.

The “And Then Shawarma After” featurette:

The Avengers deleted scenes:

Special thanks to Collider for sharing the links to the clips.

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