A while back, there was a whole slew of news stories about Christopher Eccleston, who played the 9th Doctor in BBC’s Doctor Who, flipping off the entire sci-fi community by saying he had absolutely no interest in returning for a 50th anniversary special. Given the rumors about the circumstances around his departure from the show, I suppose that makes sense.

Then there were some rumors that he’d had a change of heart and decided he would participate in the festivities. The latest rumor is that he’s now a bigass party pooper and has pulled out of the production just before filming started.

The BBC’s official word on it, though, is that Eccleston was never formally attached to the 50th anniversary episode. While they admit that he did meet with showrunner Steven Moffatt, there was never a contractual agreement that he would be involved so his non-participation really doesn’t affect the proceedings at all.  So whatever.

Doesn’t really matter, in my opinion; at least we’ll get to see how things go between Handy and Eleven!

What do y’all think? Would it have made a difference to you if Eccleston had decided to return for the special?

Source: Digital Spy, Blastr

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