Doctor Who is on again this weekend with its second episode of Season 7B, “The Rings of Akhaten.” This will be new companion, Clara’s (Jenna-Louise Coleman), first trip off world and it looks fantastic. Lots of aliens, wonderful effects, and a creepy space cult. Check out two clips from The Doctor (Matt Smith) and Clara’s second outing,

As happy as we all are Doctor Who has returned – and I mean not just this season but as a TV series all together! – wouldn’t it be rad if there was a Doctor Who animated series, too!? There almost was, till the BBC nixed it, like they do, stating they didn’t want an animated series interfering with work on the television series. What interference would there have been? You’ve got me.

Now artist Dan Norton, better known for his work at DC and Wildstorm as well as the recent Thundercats cartoon, has released some of the concept art for the project, including this beautiful pitch poster Norton only had seven hours to complete!


He explains a little of the show’s premise as well,

Yeah man, we were so close… Had a few revisions creatively that were requested and so we retooled. It was going to be epic man. End of the day, BBC didn’t want anything to distract from production of the tv show.

Well, what was close to happening didn’t. Since the BBC eventually passed on, you will be rewarded with! This is the pitch poster I had only 7 hours to do. Starting to with first Doctor, the series would have touched on all the versions and filled in some gaps.


In this one, I was establishing scale of a Cyberman and I did some rough body types of the child companions that would have traveled with the Dr. The boy would have been circa 1920′s and the girl was of modern times. I was really trying to break traditional proportions and style by going really skinny on the legs and pushing the faces a bit more euro from an anime base.

And here’s a rundown of his designs for all The Doctors (click it to embiggen) since all 11 would feature at some point,


Well, we lost out. How cool would a Doctor Who cartoon have been!? Super cool. Like, bow tie cool. And there could be amazing worlds and aliens without a blockbuster budget, stories starring any Doctor –hell! there could have been multi-Doctor stories! Ugh. I’m depressed now. Check out more of this fantastic art at Norton’s devianArt page.

Sources: Doctor Who TV, Nerd Approved

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