gamer sex

If there are two things that definitely go together, it’s gaming and sex.  Okay, so maybe not so much for most of us (or at least not during game release week).  But apparently, VoucherCodePro decided to test the waters and do a little poll to inquire about the sex lives of gamers.  In this seemingly pointless quest, they took a sampling of 1747 people and asked them to rate their partners.  They then categorized them according to which gaming system they preferred.

The final tally?  It looks like XBox players came out on top, albeit not too far behind were the Wii players.  No information about the PS3 junkies, but apparently PC gamers crapped out way at the bottom of the list.

Personally, I blame the proliferation of MMOs (“Okay, honey, we need to hurry this up.  We’ve got a raid in 15 minutes!”).  Though it could also have something to do with all the manual dexterity required to use a proper controller as opposed to a mouse.

No word on whether the top lovers were FPS gamers or RPGers, however.


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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