If you’re one of those people who say that if you were to become rich then you would feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and clothe the cold… Well you’ve got some attitude. After all, why would you use your money to help your fellow man when you could build not one, but two parks with dinosaurs! Like the movie Jurassic Park (currently enjoying a 3-D re-release in a theater near you). Except this time, they won’t clone dinosaurs from recombinant DNA found in mosquitoes frozen in amber – that’s stupid. Nope, this “Jurassic Park” will have robotic dinosaurs! Because nothing ever, ever went wrong with robots.

This brilliant notion comes from the mind of Clive Palmer. If that name sounds familiar it’s because you’re thinking of the same Clive Palmer who wants to build “Titanic II” and we don’t meant that awful direct-to-video movie starring Bruce Davidson and Brooke Burns. No, he wants to re-create the famously doomed ocean-liner that ended up 3-miles under the North Atlantic on its maiden voyage taking 1,400 people down with it. So clearly he’s a paragon of good judgment.

For his “Jurassic Parks,” Palmer is proposing life-size, animatronic dinos, according to an article on io9. One park will be built at the Palmer Coolus Resort near Brisbane and will feature 165 robo-dinos including a T-rex named Jeff and an omeisaurus called Bones, while another park built in central China will be home to 117 other robotic creatures from the dawn of time.

I’m not sure exactly how Palmer intends to set his robotic theme park apart from the dozens of others of attractions with robotic dinosaurs around the world – other than volume, I suppose – but this is perhaps a better use of his time than that “Hindenburg II” idea he’s been kicking around.

Source: Cinema Blend

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