Oh, how I love the Internet. You can post any rumor, myth or off-handed comment on the interwebz and it – almost instantly – becomes true.

The latest case of “boy, that escalated quickly” comes from a Tweet from Edgar Wright who said he has “directed one shot” in a summer movie.


This vague comment lead blogs (Comic Book Movie) and gullible readers to jump to the conclusion that he simply must talking about an Ant-Man appearance in the after-credits scene of Iron Man 3He did say summer movie . . . Iron Man 3 comes out in May, see the connection?

First of all, there is a distinct differance in language between “I directed one shot in another summer movie” VS.  “I directed a one shot for another summer movie”. I know Twitter has a 140 character limit and all, but I’m fairly confident Wright was being clear in the distinction. More than likely, he showed up one day during the filming of some summer movie and they let him behind the monitor for a shot.

Second, I doubt that the after credit scene for Iron Man 3 will be Ant-Man. It isn’t logical for an after credit scene to set up and get us excited for a movie that is at least 2 years away. It will probably be Thor: The Dark World or Guardians of the Galaxy. 

What do you guys think? Share your theories in the comment section below. Maybe if you clap your hands and believe hard enough, this rumor will become true. Please wish for a Scarlett Johansson nip-slip in Avengers 2 while you’re at it.



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