Filming has been underway on Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary special for about a week now and a fair amount is being filmed outside in very public places. For instance, if you happened to be tuning in to the live Trafalgar Square cam earlier today – like you do – you would have seen the TARDIS high above suspended from a crane with The Doctor, the actual Doctor, Matt Smith, hanging below. Yup, a majorly big sequence was being filmed for the anniversary special, and only the day before they were filming at the Tower of London! This Who crew sure gets around.

Here’s a handful of snapshots from yesterday and today’s filming courtesy of Doctor Who TV and the Daily Mail,

The BBC have also already released a couple videos from the two location shoots. Watch ’em below the cut.

This first vid of them at the Tower of London features Jemma Redgrave back as Kate Stewart, which we learned about only yesterday, and Ingrid Oliver who seems to playing another member of U.N.I.T. And judging by her scarf, is a huge fan of The Doctor.

Seeing the Tower of London is cool on its own, I can only imagine how great it’d be to be there while Doctor Who is filming!

In this next video, things get even more exciting as the TARDIS flies above Trafalgar Square. Actually, most of this video is funny introduction from Sontaran Strax (Dan Starkey), but still worth a watch,

And guess what, Matt, you did get to go up there! Most of the really high suspension work was done by a stunt double, but as you can see in this video captured by Scott K. Andrews, Smith did go up pretty high,

Wow. This show’s gonna be big.

Stay tuned as filming continues for Doctor Who‘s 50th anniversary, who knows what other wild stunts we might see next!

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