Heads up, tickets for the early IMAX 3D screenings of Star Trek Into Darkness are already on sale, and hopefully we won’t experience the site crashing issues the U.K. had yesterday when their ticketing went live. Multiple tweets went out yesterday from BFI and ODEON Cinemas confirming the issue with booking tickets, and Paramount eventually tweeted a phone number frustrated fans could call to order their tickets. Wow, IMAX hasn’t experienced site crashes like this since The Dark Knight Rises. Could Into Darkness be on its way to busting some box office records?

The buzz around this next Star Trek flick is unlike anything I’ve seen for Star Trek before, so who knows! They sure a promoting the crap out of it, and this latest poster is a weird one. Moving images, or GIFs, are all the rage right now and clearly the hope is to capitalize on this, but I’ve seen this “cinemoasic” thing done better by fans on Tumblr.

Hit the jump to check it out.

What do think? Kind of cool or a total mess?

Star Trek Into Darkness releases in IMAX 3D May 15th and in everything else May 17th.

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