It was like someone tried to unite all the planets under a central alliance yesterday when news hit the web that Ripple Junction, the official licensed makers of the “Jayne hat” from Firefly, had sent cease and desist letters to small-time producers who’ve been cranking out the homemade head gear and selling them online and at conventions for years.

Comparatively, Ripple Junction has only been selling the hats since last year, a full 10 years after the series ended, so the people that launched the Jayne hat cottage industry were understandably pissed. Their rights were being trampled on, and they need some big damn heroes to stand up and rebel. Some Browncoats, if you will.

Fortunately for fans, many former members of the cast and crew of Firefly are very active on Twitter, and naturally in appealing for help they went to the top and started with the Captain, the artist formally known as Malcolm Reynolds, Nathan Fillion. And although his response was rather cryptic, Fillion’s intention was fairly clear when he Tweeted:

Take as Fillion’s permission to aim to misbehave. (Keep in mind, he’s the star of one of the top-rated programs on a major American broadcast network so he can’t fight the power like he once did.)

In terms of more tacit approval of protest action, we go to Firefly costume designer Shawna Trpcic. She designed the original Jayne hat and offered the following:

Well isn’t that adorable. Even a blood-sucking lawyer would have a hard time serving a C&D on those Jayne-hat wearing fans.

But what about the Hero of Canton himself, AKA: Adam Baldwin? What words of support does he have to offer fans?


So there is solidarity on the internet. Clearly, the people trying to step on the little guy making Jayne hats under-estimated the fan commitment to their favorite head gear. Of course, if they hadn’t it wouldn’t have taken someone a decade to realize there was a market for such a chapeau, but I digress.

More news as it develops.

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  • Derek Ross

    Looks like a Phrygian cap to me and they’ve been around for several thousand years.

  • Aim2Misbehave

    Nathan also tweeted:
    “How do you license hats? I don’t think FOX invented hats. Maybe just call them Enyaj hats from Erifylf.”

    I love my Cap’n! 🙂

    And while the above mentioned tweets from Adam Baldwin and Shawna Trpcic were actually retweet from fans …

    Adam did manage this excellent comment with accompanying photo:
    “All Your ‘Jayne’ Hats Are Belong To Us!”

    and Shawna said in reply to a fan’s question about her thoughts on the issue:
    “Who ever can knit, should!!”

  • Robert Davis

    Paramount tried this once with Star Trek fans and the ‘stuff’ hit the fans… totally crazy to hammer those who willingly support a show (and the network/studio).

    Plus, how does a generic hat suddenly become studio property?