Hey remember that rumor that floated out about the ‘net a few weeks back about Christopher Nolan producing the Justice League movie and moving on to be the Tzar of DC Entertainments film properties? That Christian Bale might appear in a post-credits scene in Man of Steel? That Warner Bros. might actually have its cinematic universe on track? That was a fun dream, wasn’t it.

With the upcoming issue of Entertainment Weekly boasting a flood of Man of Steel coverage, some information about the future of DC Comics movies is starting to surface. Let’s start with crushing a few fanboy’s dreams. EW is reporting that WB President Jeff Robinov has confirmed (rather ambiguously) that both Bale and Nolan will have no involvement with the still happening Justice League movie and that the Dark Knight trilogy stands apart from the future of a shared DC movie universe. The ambiguity is noted by EW’s Anthony Breznican:

‘When Robinov said “They do. Or they did,” I at first took that to mean he was leaving the possibility open to retroactively link-up those three most recent Batman films with upcoming DC-based films. But as I listen to the conversation again, I suspect what he actually meant was that upcoming Batman films wouldn’t necessarily exist in their own closed-off world the way the previous ones did.’

So what does the future hold for DC Comic characters? It sounds like they have a lot planed, and it all starts with The Man Of Steel (sorta.) As Robinov put it:

‘I think you’ll see that, going forward, anything can live in this world. [Nolan’s] Batman was deliberately and smartly positioned as a stand-alone. The world they lived in was very isolated without any knowledge of any other superheroes. What Zack and Chris have done with this film is allow you to really introduce other characters into the same world.’

So… they are other superheroes in Zack Snyder’s Superman universe? Can we expect some cameos or a post credit scene? Not really, according to the films scribe, David S. Goyer:

‘Chris [Nolan] dislikes it when you plan something, when you say, “I’m going to follow this up in the next film”. He’s always said put everything you have into this film and then worry about the next film later. That gives the film it’s own integrity as opposed to being part of an overall plan. So of course the comic book fans, it’s hard not to think about [crossovers] but I, having done three Batman films and worked in that way, it’s definitely the approach we took with Man of Steel.’

EW alludes to a few superhero Easter eggs in the movie, akin to the the Joker’s card making a brief and telling appearance in Batman Begins. So what does this all mean? What is the future of The Justice League and DC’s long rumored answer to what has happened over at the House of Ideas? Well, is sounds like we might know soon, Robinov left us to chew on this.

‘We’ll announce something in the next several weeks that will hopefully position the DC characters and the movies we’re going to be making.’

Movies? PLURAL? Is it possible that we are on the verge of a huge announcement that will map out the next few years filled with DC Comics on the big screen? Has Warner Bros. finally figured out what the hell they are doing? Will Marvel zombies and Avengers fanatics flock to the internet to bash anything and everything about DC characters on the big screen? Did anyone even notice I used that awesome Wonder Woman costume from the Axel Braun porn parody in the header? Why am I asking so many damn questions?

Source: EW Inside Movies

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