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Above: The third phase of the Marvel universe is still a long way away, but that hasn’t stopped fans like AndrewSS7 from making their own Ant-Man movie posters. Featuring his own take on Henry Pym’s Ant-Man armor,it paints a pretty convincing movie poster that Marvel might want to snatch up. [Geek Tyrant]

Hit the jump for Dragons and assassins, Daleks and more.


It’s amazing what some people can do with just a paper and a few pencils. Just ask brokenluk who used such simple things to make Jubilee actually seem like an interesting X-Man. [Nerrrding]


Na na, na na, na na, na na, broken teeth! Joshua Middleton really knows how to give Batman a good night out through a few round with Gotham’s underbelly and their broken noses. [Comics Alliance]


I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi like my father‘ …AWWWWWW! Dan Hoogkamp could make the perfect Star Wars children’s book if he wanted to, with little Luke swing his lightsaber against stormtroopers with water guns. Cause let’s face it, they’ve been using water guns for decades. [XombieDIRGE]


Black Widow fighting a dragon? Dancing with one? What the hell is going on here. daxiong created a series featuring Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Emma Frost with dragons. I don’t know why, but I like it. [Deviant Art]


Gerald Parel is making He-Man and the Masters of the Universe so damn cool with these concept drawings. Giving the 80s’ franchise a darker tone while keeping character designs similar Gerald still makes He-Man, Skeletor and other members of Eternia worthy of our attention. Bless you Parel, bless you. [Geek Tyrant]


An accomplished illustrator and print-maker working out of Austin, Texas, artist Tim Doyle has been making a lot of Doctor Who fans happy recently. While the 1965 film Dr. Who and the Daleks wasn’t the greatest, seeing actor Peter Cushing play a human Doctor, Tim created something worthy of any hardcore Timelord. [Crome Yellow]


If you’re a fan of the cartoon music group The Gorillaz then you’ll certainly know about Tank Girl, a British comic book series and character created by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. This Tank Girl by Memed does such a great character justice and deserves to be shared. [CG Hub]


Artgerm has never watched Avatar: Legend of Korra and he still nails that “I’m the master of the elements” look. Sure beats having to wait for for Nickelodeon to announce the second season. Pick up the pace everyone. [Deviant Art]


It’s Frank Castle in a zombie apocalypse! This awesome piece by Ace Continuado, with colors by Michele Wilson, shows what that would be like. Also, did you spot the Walking Dead node? Well done guys. [Deviant Art]

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