As we all wait with baited breath for more on J.J. Abrams second Trek outing (word is a new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness is due out tomorrow,) here’s a couple of tidbits that floated out onto the ‘net. Up first, from last nights MTV Movie awards comes a new slice of footage. Part of me feels like I should call it a spoiler, but it’s really just an extended cut of what we can assume is a rather important scene, one that we’ve seen already even. Many, many times.

Hit the jump to watch the clip and check out the other thing I mentioned in the headline…ENTERPRISE GO BOOM! I just want to quickly mention that when we first started to see images of the ships destruction, I was half convinced that it would actually be some other vessel and not the trusty NCC-1701. The damage on the saucer section obscured the ships name and muddled up the registry number in the earlier clips.  After wearing out the pause button on my YouTube… well, it looks like Abrams wasted no time blowing up his Enterprise.

Next its an all new character poster featuring the films villain, Benedict Cumberbatch. Sadly this new poster gives no clues as to the true identity of the mysterious John Harrison. Is he Gary Mitchell? Khan Noonien Singh? A pack of Tribbles in a convincing man costume? We might not know until the movies May 17th release.

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