after earth poster

Will Smith – you love him or you hate him or you think he’s just okay.  But whatever your opinion on the man, he doesn’t look to be shutting down his movie career anytime soon.  As a matter of fact, he’s brought his son along for the ride, so we get a double dose of Smithy-ness with every other flick!  The latest project for this duo happens to be After Earth, the tale of a planet long abandoned, a crash landing by a father and son and the adventure that takes place as the pair try to get the hell out of there alive.

We’ve already had a chance to see a trailer for the show, but now we get a look at the first TV advert.  Check it out below:

If it looks delicious, make sure to get full helping of the Smith-burger when After Earth comes to theaters on June 7th.


Thanks to Comingsoon for the heads-up.

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