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With the whole Marvel Phase 2 thing dominating the way that upcoming movies in that circle are being put together, people are naturally wondering how each story is going to tie into the rest of them.  With Captain America: The Winter Soldier on the way, one major question is how the Cap. is going to run solo after being put in charge of the Avengers.  After all, he’s got a whole team to work with, right?  Why try to take on the bad guys alone when you have a Hulk to throw at them?  Well, the writers of the new flick, Christopher Markus and the unfortunately named Stephen McFeely had a few words to share about just that subject.  Check out what they had to say after the jump.

Talking with Collider, the duo had this to say…

About the time frame of Cap 2 vs. The Avengers:

Markus: Chronologically it takes place at some point after The Avengers, I’m not even sure we’re particular about it in the script.  The movies are more or less evolving in the time of release so if The Avengers came out in 2012, I think you could almost count the years after release.

About why the Captain is taking on the bad guys solo:

Markus: In terms of “Why doesn’t he call The Avengers?” it never bothers me in the comic books, you know, it’s just they’re not here.  But I think it’s also a question of is the story you’re telling personal enough?  If it’s Cap’s story, if it really has to do with his life, then your desire for him to call for help is out.  It’s his life.  It’s a question of making it personal to him and it’s also a question of pacing… I can’t tell you what the plot is, but it has a lot to do with Cap, on a thematic level, as a person.  If it was giant space robots, anyone can fight giant space robots.  Only Cap can do what’s happening in this movie.

And they even had a few things to say about the movie in general:

McFeely: We have to assume that more people saw The Avengers than saw Captain America.  That doesn’t mean that we do a whole “previously on Steve Rogers,” but we have to be cognizant of it.  Not everyone knows the first movie in the same way.

Markus: Coming after the first movie and coming after The Avengers, there’s now stuff we don’t have to do in terms of, “Let’s give you the idea of who this guy is and he wears this outfit.”  Everybody knows now, so you can hit the ground running much more quickly than we did in the first one when we had to spend 40 minutes introducing the skinny guy.  I think it allows for a much faster pace and a tenser movie.

Well, I guess if all these super heroes can have their own comic books and still end up in the pages of The Avengers, it shouldn’t be hard to convert the format to film.  While I love to see the whole team kicking ass and taking names on epic baddies, it’s just as satisfying to see a good character story.  Let’s hope that Winter Soldier delivers just that.

Check out Captain America: The Winter Soldier when it hits the big screen on April 4th, 2014.


Thanks to Collider for the interview.

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