Some have been commenting they feel Game of Thrones‘ third season has gotten off to a slow start. While I’m not going to deny that, I’m also not going to imply that’s a bad thing. After last year’s climactic finish, Season 3 has quite a few chess pieces still in need of setting up, and in “Walk of Punishment” you see some of those pieces beginning to move.

For a little behind-the-scenes – more like behind-the-motivations – insight from showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss check out HBO‘s latest Inside the Episode video. I don’t think I need to tell you, but I’ll remind you anyway: plenty of SPOILERS for the latest episode of Game of Thrones,

Were you shocked by the ending? What did you think of the decision for The Hold Steady’s “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” playing out over the credits? Jarring? Good, that’s what the DBs were hoping for. Hit the jump for their comments.

Weiss: It’s such a shocking ending and when we read the scene in the books it was so shocking to us. To really hammer home the shock of that moment you need something unexpected. There’s no version of a traditional score that would keep you as off balance as we wanted that scene to leaving you feeling.

Benioff: I can’t imagine having that conversation with Ramin [Djawadi] our composer — ‘Now we need the Jaime-gets-his-hand-chopped-off music. What we always loved in An American Werewolf in London, we see our hero shot and killed and then his lover runs to embrace his dead body — it’s a sad ending — but then we cut to black and it’s [the bouncy 1961 Marcell’s hit] ‘Blue Moon.’ And that jarring juxtaposition was fantastic.

I’m sure quite a few of you were slack jawed as the rockin’, tavern tune played the episode out. Which is great, I think that’s what they wanted, and it worked perfectly. For you non-book readers, how many of you saw Jaimie’s be-handing coming? Do you think Dany is really giving up one of her dragons?

Make sure you’re keeping up with our advance reviews for Game of Thrones. Matthew Jackson, our reviewer, called the scene at the small council one of his favorites yet and I have to agree. I don’t know how the actors made it through without bustin’ up laughing. I was laughing through the whole thing, but especially when Tyrion drags his chair to the other head of the table to one-up Cersei. It’ll become a classic scene, I just know it.

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