Stop me if you’ve heard this one: doughy scientist from a distant planet puts his only son into a rocket and sends him to Earth to save him from his home planets destruction. Yes, the new full length trailer for Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel is out, and yes it looks like we’re going to see Kal-El’s humble planet-go-boom beginnings. Again. However it looks like we’ll also see the fall of Krypton in all its sepia toned glory. While the previous trailers have featured mainly talking with a little flying, we now get our best look yet for what to expect when the movie hits its June 14th release date. It has new footage featuring Lois Lane (Amy Adams) who even speaks and General Zod (Michael Shannon) who screams. We also get our first look at… OH MY GOG* THAT FIRE HOBO IS SAVING PEOPLE AND THERE IS PUNCHING AND FLYING AND MORE PUNCHING AND GUNS AND AND AND… neat, the movie isn’t just about talking and flying.

It’s up after the jump.

*this is an intentional and secular reference to the character from DC Comic’s Kingdom Come. Don’t be a dick about spelling.

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