‘Iron Man 3’ Gets 4D Screenings in Japan


According to sources, Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3 will be screened in Nagoya, Japan on April 26th in a format that’s described as 4D, which includes vibrating seats, fog, “smellovision” and more. All of it coordinated with the action in the movie.

The same format has been used in amusement parks, aquariums, and other attractions, but none so far have the extended time frame of a full length movie. Will audiences be able to handle repeated 4D effects for 130 minutes, most of the 4D attractions I looked at last in the range of four to 15 minutes at the most. The company behind the process has plans to bring the system to 200 theaters in the U.S. this year.

How much shaking will be going on? Enough to spill that super sized soft drink or that tub of buttered popcorn? What exactly will you be smelling with “Smellovision”? There’s also those audience members that might not be able to handle the extra shaking and effects to consider.

Could this be the theater experience of the future? Would you want this kind of spectacle in every movie? I’m leaning toward this being to distracting for me to enjoy the movie.

Via: THR

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