Mr. Oswalt, my hat is off to you. In the same week you give us your beautiful statement about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, and your fantastic turn as The Penguin, there’s this. An imaginative, hilarious, and in some ways, plausible pitch for Star Wars Episode VII J.J. Abrams would be a fool to ignore. Patton Oswalt will be a guest on this week’s Parks and Recreation and using the opportunity of a citizen filibuster at a city council meeting displays why he deserves to be crowned, King of the Nerds,

All completely improvised. Just. Wow. My only gripe – because being a nerd I’ve got to find fault somewhere – is the mispronunciation of Kashyyyk. Otherwise, flawless. I’m just in awe.

Oswalt’s episode of Parks and Rec will air this Thursday at 9pm on NBC.

Source: A.V. Club

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