Images like this give me chills. It’s visual evidence this is actually happening. At some point, later this year, we’ll be watching the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special in where both the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, and the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant will appear together. Excuse me while I fangirl excessively,



(Note, gifs aren’t mine, or ours, but they may be yours. Let us know and we’ll credit!)

 Okay, now that’s over with, if you have no fear of SPOILERS, continue on to the very first image of the Eleventh and Tenth together again,


(via @HWBCyrmru)

Just look! It’s them, and the TARDIS, and a little Zygon action in the background. Work it, Zygon. There’s also a glimpse of the medieval looking tent leading many to suppose the adventure takes us into England’s past as some point. This picture also clearly shows the two being interviewed either by the BBC itself or another news source. If that’s true and a video comes online we’ll be updating this post ASAP. In fact, just plan to check back here, for if anything else develops we’ll make sure to update.

But, how do you like that? Ten and Eleven. Eleven and Ten. AHH! I’m so excited!

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  • Chris

    So damn epic.

  • I am so happy.. so damn happy

  • Amanda Kathryn

    I’m just excited to see David Tennant again… He was the best Doctor by far!!!

  • Dan Wilson

    Nota bene. Tennant era Tardis too.

  • That’s my pic 🙂

    • sarahthisis

      Awesome job then, it’s all over the internet!

      • I know. Very shocked!! Proud also. Didn’t realise it was the first pic of them!! Been buzzing since I saw the filming! 🙂

  • Uğur

    My favorite doctor is tenth doctor 🙂

  • #NerdSquee

  • H.R

    was there!! chepstow castle is just down the street from me was stoked when i found out what was going on lol