This is the year of Who. The show’s reached its greatest popularity, ever, and is steadily approaching its 50th anniversary. We’re currently in the middle of Doctor Who Season 7B, or Series 7 Part 2 to you Brits, and the anticipation is building with each episode. Who is Clara, this “impossible girl,” and how does she connect to the series’ golden anniversary? That’s the big question, at least it’s my big question. There are no coincidences, Victorian Clara’s birthday was November 23rd for a reason, I just know it! It’s either that, or Steven Moffat is an even bigger troll than we imagined.

Here’s what we know for sure about Who‘s big 5-0, it’s going to be epic. Recently Doctor Who writer Robert Banks Stewart teased Digital Spy about the baddies we’ll see in the 50th,

The Zygons are in there with all the others – particularly the Daleks and the Cybermen. [But] nobody yet knows what the plot of the 50th will be – Steven Moffat and his team in Cardiff, they are quite rightly keeping it all secret.

Except when they’re filming in front of hundreds of tourists at Trafalgar Square. Then it’s no so secret. But what other Who monsters and villains do you want to appear in the 50th? They only just reintroduced the Ice Warriors, I think they’ll likely show up again.

Definitely appearing in Who‘s 50th will be the Tenth Doctor – or is it his meta-crisis clone? – and Rose (Billie Piper). Hit the jump to learn how David Tennant feels about being back in the TARDIS.

Talking with TV & Satellite Week in their latest issue, Tennant said,

It is strange being back in the same suit, but it also feels very familiar and comfortable. There’s nothing quite like Doctor Who. It has a wonderful excitement about it. I always had happy times there and it’s lovely to be around Billie again, even though I see her all the time anyway.

I wonder how long Tennant deliberated over returning? Was it an immediate, “Yes!” or did he think it over? The Tenth Doctor had a good long run and his goodbye was very emotional, I’m sure it wasn’t an easy decision to come back. But then again, when Moffat calls do you refuse?

And speaking of returning Doctors, at this point, I’ve given up all hope of any other previous Doctors returning. Especially those from the classic era. But the Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, still holds out hope there might be a role for him the 50th after all. Speaking with Express, McGann hinted Christopher Eccelston’s refusal to participate could be good news for him. And knowing the BBC, “They’ll call us on the Friday and say, ‘You’re starting on Monday.’

I’d love for the Eighth Doctor to have a chance at piloting the TARDIS again. The guy only got one measly movie, and it wasn’t even all that great. McGann’s proven he’s no one-hit Doctor, either, with his impressive work on Big Finish’s audio adventures. And, at least compared to the older Doctors, McGann could believably return to the role because one, he hasn’t visibly aged that much, and two, we never saw the Eight to Nine regeneration, so who knows how long he lasted! Come on, Moff, give him a call!

Lastly, back to current Who and away from all this 50th speculation. Here’s Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman to introduce us to this week’s episode, “Hide,” written by “Rings of Akhaten” scribe, Neil Cross.

I’m looking forward to this week’s episode, are you?

Doctor Who airs Saturday nights at 8pm EST on BBC America.

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