Joel Silver To Produce ‘Weird Science’ Remake


As not only a child of the 1980s, but a lifelong resident on the Greater Chicagoland Area, John Hughes films – prior to Home Alone, anyway – are sacrosanct to me (the mere rumor of a Breakfast Club remake had me in a foaming nerd rage).

Anyhoo, it seems now that Joel Silver and Silver Pictures, who worked on the original Hughes film with Universal, will be producing a remake of 1986’s Weird Science: Probably my favorite Hughes film, Weird Science added homages to classic horror and sci-fi to the Hughesian universe of awkward, Suburban Chicago adolescents and their journeys of self-discovery. Two Nerds (Anthony Michael Hall, Ilan Mitchell-Smith) – of the 1980s cinematic species – use their computer to create the perfect woman (Kelly LeBrock)…because this is the ’80s, and only rich kids and uber-nerds had computers – so who knows? Maybe they CAN spontaneously create sentient life out of the void. In 1986, computers were still practically Voodoo to about 99% of the population, and filmmakers had a lot of fun exploiting this fact.

Oh, and the film featured Robert Downey Jr. with a bra on his head soiling himself – how can you beat that?

But I digress. According to Deadline, this new Weird Science will distinguish itself by being “raunchier” and “edgier” than the original, in the manner of comedies like The Hangover. Personally, I’m not sure how well that’s gonna play: A big part of the original’s charm was you had a plot that sounded for all the world like softcore porn, but instead you got a smart, charming and funny comedy. To make a story like this ACTUALLY raunchy kinda misses the point.

Anyway, at least the script’s being done by a writer with experience “modernizing” ’80s properties: Michael Bacall, who penned the recent 21 Jump Street re-imagining (which I’ve heard is actually pretty funny).

I’ll reserve further judgment until I see who they get to direct and star in this thing.

Source: Deadline

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