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Above: With the third season of Game of Thrones underway, CGHUB artist jigokuen put together this piece of Ygritte once again putting Jon Snow in his place. [Geek Tyrant]

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Mirroring the famous pose of Muhammad Ali, Anthony Petrie shows King Hippo that Little Mac has some big power behind his punches. Featuring a number of Nintendo characters in the crowd this must have been one hell of a fight. [Deviant Art]


Ever wonder how Poison Ivy keeps her one piece so bright and green? nachomolina, you cheeky little devil you.  [All About Villains]


Krang and his robotic suit have been poked fun since their creation in the late eighties and Mikuloctopus has finally made them intimidating. Sure, with the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Krang still sucks, but Krang is still an awesome villain even without the suit. [Comics Alliance]


Showing off the distinct features of various pop culture characters artist Siolo Thompson‘s minimalist designs show off a lot of talent. [Crome Yellow]


We could all learn a thing or two from Indiana Jones, like stealing a Hovito fertility idol requires a great deal of cardio and flexablity. Another of Otis Frampton‘s awesome drawings that makes me wish Indiana Jones 5 is a cartoon, free of Shia LaBeouf and worth its weight in gold. [Deviant Art]


During the course of Wondercon, artist Joshua Middleton took commissions from patrons at the event including this awesome piece of Saga‘s Alana and her daughter Hazel.  [XombieDIRGE]


Disney characters as professional fighters, Yehudi Mercado may have a million dollar idea on here. Featuring a different Disney character in the four part series, except Snow White who is currently taking a dirt nap, the series is available for sale in print form here. [Geek Tyrant]


Bobba Fett was the best at what he did in the universe, emphasis on was. In the first of his series “Predator Kills the Star Wars Universe” rhymesyndicate has the alien warrior knocking off members of the George Lucas universe. This is that rare case when Dengar should use a disintegration weapon, quickly. [Obvious Winner]


Sweet Star Trek poster, right? Artist Paul Shipper reminds us of the work of Star Wars poster artist Drew Struzan and echos back to the original poster for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Well done sir.  [Planet Pulp]

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