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ABOVE: Necromorph chest tattoo. Cool art, but I wouldn’t have used my chest as a canvas for dead, flesh eating beings.    [TRIANGULARVISION]


Speaking of unnecessary body modifications, check out this body piercing inspired by Weapon X. Gross! [Geekologie]


Vulcan beer. It’s mind meldingly good. Unfortunately, Vulcan Ale will only be available in Canada. For now anyway. [ObviousWinner]


The champions of the TriWizard Tournament in Harry Potter were all chosen from a magical goblet of fire. Now you can have your own version as a drink with actual flames! [That’sNerdalicious]


Powermitt. Now your baking with power! [Fangamer].


Etsy shop Haute Mess makes Grillain Villains, a line of handmade aprons that are based on the costumes of famous supervillains. [Technabob]


Learn your ABCs with Batman and Yoda [NerdApproved]


Femme RoboCop Body Paint by  body paint artist Paul Roustan. Is that robo-pepperoni on those nips? [FashionablyGeek]

Einstein, Indiana Jones and Jack Torrence VS Darth Vader. Please Don’t Use the Force, a stop motion animated short by PatrickBoivin. [GeeksAreSexy]

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