Actually, I should amend that: NerdBastards intends to review Episode 4 of Hannibal if it is humanly possible to do so.

I suppose I should start at the beginning, with an article from Variety. The popular trade publication reported that, in recognition of the recent tragedies in both Boston and Newtown, Episode 4 of Hannibal will be pulled. The plot of said episode reportedly involves elements of child murder that the network feels would be in poor taste to air at this time. Instead, next week NBC will be proceeding straight to Episode 5 of the fledgling series.

Now, this is not the forum for me to drone on about my particular feelings regarding this decision (I’m doing plenty of that on Facebook). Instead, I wanted to take the time to assure NB readers that Episode 4 will still be covered. The episode will air according to schedule overseas, and there’s talk on the show’s Facebook Page that it will still be available for online viewing. Therefore, unless there’s absolutely NO reasonable way of getting ahold of the ep, expect a double review of Episodes 4 AND 5 next Friday.

Source: Variety

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