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Above: This is how you cosplay Wonder Woman. Fiercely. Created by kelldar and her husband, this is a costume years in the making, and their attention to detail shows. See more on her Tumblr. [Fashionably Geek]


Disney executes Order 66. And y’know, I was really in favor of the whole Disney/Lucasfilm acquisition, but with all these recent developments, like Clone Wars being axed, Lucas Arts being shut down, and Dark Horse likely losing their Star Wars license, I’m liking it less and less. Is there no evil the House of Mouse won’t consider? [Nerd Approved]


Yup, come May 1st you can relax from that stressful away mission where all those nice chaps in red shirts bit the bullet with a Vulcan Ale. But only if you’re in Canada. Brewed at Montana’s Harvest Moon Brewery – wait, it’s brewed in the U.S. but only available in Canada!? – the ale will first be available at the Calgary International Beerfest 2013 on May 3 and 4, 2013. So, uh, say, Canucks, who’s mailing be a case? [Laughing Squid]


Not a cosplay you see very often, but damn, doesn’t Soni Aralynn just nail it as the daughter of Deathstroke, Rose Wilson, a.k.a. Ravager. Photography by Indiglue & Eurobeat Kasumi Photography. [CBM]


I’m not sure what to think when the U.S. Army enlists Batman, specifically Bagram Batman, to help remind soldier to always be carrying their weapons. [Kotaku]

Another sweded trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, this one from Cinefix. Check out their comparison video and be impressed how accurate they were. [Trek Movie]

It’s Star Wars: A New Hope told in 60, adorable, seconds. I’d watch the whole series like this! [io9]

This video will likely make more sense if you’ve seen Mister Epic Mann‘s “How Animals Eat Their Food,” but still, this parody from Dominic Harris‘ about how Pokemon eat their food is pretty fuckin’ funny. [Laughing Squid]

The Electric Pancakes’ Flo Rida rap parody, “Wildlings”, is just the thing to pump you up for next week’s Game of Thrones‘ “Kissed by Fire.” That’s right all you Jon/Ygritte shippers, get ready. [io9]

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