If you’re an avid watcher of Game of Thrones – and I hope you’re an avid reader of our reviews, too – then you better be following HBO‘s Inside the Episode features released after every new episode. They contain invaluable information about what the characters are truly thinking, what their motivations are, and how the creators of the series, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, visualized these epic confrontations.

And after this week’s stunning episode, especially those final minutes, you must be dying to learn more. Give a watch,

I get chills just thinking back on Dany and her badassery. That moment is my favorite from the entire series and they realized it perfectly!

Winter is Coming have also unearthed a few quotes from James Hibberd’s interview with Benioff, Weiss, and Emilia Clarke that speak on the importance of her sacking of Astapor. Read ’em below the cut.

I remember reading [Dany planning to give up Drogon to the slaver] and thinking, ‘Oh, this is kind of disappointing.’ When the real plan was revealed I think I even called [Weiss]. This was before we had met with George, when we were still trying to figure out if this show was possible. The culmination of that scene was one of those moments when we were like, ‘We got to make this f–king show.’ It was very gratifying seeing that wish fulfilled … I think it will be one of the most staggering things ever put on television.”

“Up until that moment, she’s relied on everybody else’s opinion to form her own because she didn’t know any better,” Clarke said. “She doesn’t have any experience to back up what she’s going to do, she just has her own gut. And everyone around her is assuming she will just give Drogon up — which is ridiculous for the mother of a child. It’s the biggest risk she’s ever taken in her entire life and there’s that moment of wondering whether the Unsullied are going to respect her. It’s the moment she becomes who she was always destined to be.”

In that moment, when she’s marching her army out of Astapor and she drops the whip, she’s more than a Khaleesi, she’s a Queen. I just love it! Fire and blood, baby!

What are your thoughts of this latest episode of Game of Thrones? Where do you think we’re going from here?

Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights on HBO at 9pm.

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