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ABOVE:  “Sexy” Star Wars costumes for the ladies. Come to the darkside, we have mini skirts and derp helmets.  [Geekologie]


Official licensed Aperture Laboratories brand cake mix. And, here, I thought the cake was a lie. [Amazon]


Life size Iron Man Mark 42 armor. You heard right, life size! It stands over 7 feet tall and is a film accurate replica. LEDs light the eyes, reactor, palm, and display base. Priced at $8,500, you’d have to be as rich as Tony Stark to afford it. [FashionablyGeek]


Chris Weir is a bigger Batman fan than you. He spent over two years and $150,000 to create a custom Batcave to keep his hundred thousand dollars worth of Batman memorabilia. [GeekTyrant]

Watch an animated 60 second speedrun of Star Wars: A New Hope. I’ve gotta start watching all my movies like this. Just imagine how much time this would save. [NerdApproved]

8-bit tribute by the folks over at ADHD paying homage to the 90s.  It’s so depressing because it’s so true. [ADHD]

Game of Thrones performed on a Bell Tower. Well… this is certainly one way to get my ass into church.  [DOTD]

A fun Ghostbusters / Super Mario Bros. mashup by Youtuber James Farr. Never before has there been so much retro-awesome concentrated in one place! [James Farr]

Man of Steel trailer recreated with animated clips. Is it weird that this makes me even more excited than the live action trailer? [Dorkly]

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