Fan boys and girls everywhere are excited to get a look at James Mangold‘s The Wolverine. Perhaps a few are a tab to excited to get their hands on anything Wolverine, movie posters are disappearing at am alarming rate. In fact, Fox’s Chief Creative Officer Tony Sella reports that over 50% of the Wolverine marketing posters have been stolen from Bus stops and Subway walls.

It’s reached a level where the studio had to make a decision and swallow the cost of poster replacement. The poster in question is below. I’m wondering why the studio doesn’t just put those posters on sale on the Internet or through local comic book shops instead of just putting more up for the taking.


I’ve “bought” a few movie posters under the counter from theater ticket takers in my day, but I’ve never taken one from a Bus stop wall. Have you ever taken a movie poster, if so, which movie?

We’ve also got a look at the Japanese trailer and movie poster. Take a look before this one gets stolen. The trailer title translates to: The Wolverine, Samurai.


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