Whoa, whoa guys. I know I was really excited to watch the first clip from Star Trek Into Darkness. I was still pretty excited for the second clip. But this new clip a day thing just might be overkill. Come on, save something for the theatre!

Oh, it’s more of a viral video thing than a clip? And features the sultry voice of Benedict Cumberbatch? Well, that’s all right then. Roll clip,

This is the second of three viral videos planned to be released in the lead up to Into Darkness‘ release. The first was a “character assassination” of Kirk (Chris Pine), and as you can see, Spock (Zachary Quinto) gets the same treatment from John Harrison in this one. Both videos hint at what sort of arcs we’ll see Kirk and Spock working through in Into Darkness – Kirk coming to grips with failure, Spock coming to grips with himself – and again, only further proof Cumberbatch should be narrating my life.

Hit the jump for a new Japanese trailer – same footage, re-edited, focuses on the manhunt, and features cool Japanese voice over – plus a beautiful, high resolution shot of Harrison’s starship, the massive USS Vengeance.


What a beauty! Make sure you click it to embiggen. I cannot wait to see the Enterprise go up against this ship, even if I know it ends badly for the Enterprise. I’m expecting one epic space battle.

Star Trek Into Darkness releases May 15th in IMAX 3D and in every other format May 17th.

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