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On with the dump!

Above: Aww, a sad Doctor swinging on a swing, but an amazing painting by artist James Hance. The painter, who previously did work on the Winnie the Pooh/Star Wars paintings has done a series of incredible paints featuring Doctor Who‘s  9th, 10th and 11th doctors. Curse you for making us feel emotion, James. [Nerd Apporved]

Hit the jump for Portal 2, Game of Thrones and Vanity Fair.


Fans of Disney amusement park rides will recognize this “Stretch art” Abraham Lopez created as artwork seen around the Haunted Mansion, the ride not the terrible Eddie Murphy movie. Styled around the original artwork each “Haunted Arkham Asylum” piece is two halves, appearing as a normal portrait on top, but revealing a much more as you look down. [Comics Alliance]


With the fifth and final season of AMC’s Breaking Bad making its way back to television this August Geoff Gunning created a cool series of minimalist style posters for the show. Each featuring a key moment or reference to the series, like the “bike lock incident” from season one, Geoff has captured each moment in a clean fashion, not bad for a show that can get quite bloody. [Geek Tyrant]


Portal 2 was and is still an awesome game, but the fan art just keeps getting better and better like what Alex Garner put together here. Sure solving a puzzle can be mind numbing, but just like drawing it can be a piece of cake. [CGHUB]


King Deadpool on a rather familiar looking throne. Artist Ian Navarro. Awesomeness [Deviant Art]


Fans of DC will know that at one point Batman held a yellow power ring, but how about a Blue Lantern Superman? Sure, Kal is pretty powerful to begin with, but add in the power of hope and… ok, I would just be awesome to see Supes and Bats sling some ring for awhile. Long time GL artist Ethan Van Sciver gave us this little What If... [Comic Art Community]


If you’re doing work this good it needs to be shown off more often. As part of his first solo at show at the Mondo art Gallery, artist Mike Mitchell created portraits of famous actors in some of their most recognizable roles. If you’re in the area check out the show. [XombieDIRGE]


Now we’ve featured the work of Ralph Sevelius, you’ll probably remember him as the artist who did those awesome Ariel and Rapunzel Jedi knights. This time however Ralph has taken another Disney princess, Jasmine, and turned he into Jabba’s favourite chained princess. hopefully she choked him with his own chain too. [Geek Native]


After work on everything from toys and video games Sean Galloway has built quite a collection of interesting drawings for people to look at. Like Spider-Man above, Sean makes each piece unique and worthy of being in an animated series, check them out in the link. [Geek Native]


Finally, Vanity Fair is catering to the nerds, kind of. This tribute to the Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair features the mutant ladies of the X-Men thanks to artist Lightengale and his ability to not freak before finishing such a large piece. This would be the first issue of the magazine not being bought to be left on your mother’s coffee counter. [Deviant Art]

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