Abrams Says ‘Trek’ is Sexy. So There, Haters!


Despite the rep of being nerdy by nerd standards, Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams insists that the franchise has always been, and should always be, sexy. It’s not just about the science, or the action, or the socio/political allegory, Abrams says, it’s also about men being manly and girls looking fine. While talking to Playboy (apropos!), Abrams went on to explain his point in detail:

Star Trek has to be sexy. That’s in keeping with the original spirit of the series. In the 1960s they were limited because of the time, but so much was insinuated. Part of the fun of our first movie was playing with the idea that Uhura and Spock were a couple. This movie takes that further and asks how that’s possible. Why would she be interested in that kind of guy, and why would she put up with him? It’s obvious what he would like about her. I mean, it’s fucking Zoë Saldana.

And it’s always fun playing the womanizing card with Kirk and seeing him in bed with girls who might not be completely human—you know, green skin or whatever. Nobody’s going to force Kirk to be a romantic and settle down. That would feel forced and silly. Kirk’s a player. We like him that way.

We also have Alice Eve joining us; she’s an incredibly wonderful, versatile actress and definitely in the sexy category. She’s a great complement to Uhura. Hey, it wouldn’t be Star Trek if there weren’t some hot young actors, women and men, in various moments of either undress or flirtation.

You know, I think Abrams might be on to something. Let’s recap:

*Kirk: Ladies Man

*Starfleet uniforms for ladies: short skirts and go-go-boots

*Orion slave girls

*”The fan dance” in Final Frontier

*Anything Deanna Troi wore on the first 5.5 seasons of TNG

*The invention of Risa, a planet so totally dedicated to hedonism they have a statue you can carry around if you’re looking to get laid.

*Dax on DS9

*Seven of Nine on Voyager

*The decontamination chamber on Enterprise

And that’s just off the top of my head. Huh. So there you go.

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